Wednesday, March 15, 2006

First and only..

It's amazing! I always discover things 1-2 years after they're cool. Any tips from my numerous blogger friends would be appreciated. Helllloooo Kat! Welcome to the 19th century!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Beautiful. Having a particularly bad day, which usually makes one yearn for better times, which eventually leads to thinking of you. Today's semi-periodic search for Kat proved much more fruitful than most. Love the portrait on here. Glad to see you are out there having a life, and one more interesting if not better than mine, even if you are just learning to flirt. I think the line where you lick your finger is better than a blank card. No fair though on a day where knives look too friendly talking about you possibly being a grenade guys must throw themselves on - oh how I wish. Don't know if you'll notice this, but if you do I'm sure you can
Guess Who

6:17 PM  

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