Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sniffin for love

According to a piece playing on the radio behind me, women on the pill are encouraged to go off it for a brief period before they get married. The logic behind this, according to whoever is talking, is that hormones in the pill cause women to crave "protection," ie. being with a man whose smell reminds them of their father or brothers. For this reason, the pill is apparently being accused, albeit by teeniebopper radio, of perpetuating dishonest relationships and divorce. ie. if I marry someone because the pills I take tell my brain his smell is comforting, then years later I go off the pill because I am trying to have a baby or I don't need the pill anymore for whatever reason, I may no longer be attracted to this man because the attraction may have been based on the heaps and heaps of progesterone in my system.
Is this just another attempt to undermine safe sex? What if I'm attracted to someone in spite of what they smell like? What if I didn't grow up with brothers, or what if my father's smell has no protective connotations for me? Hmmm? What do you say to that, bopper radio?


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