Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just a schmupdate.

Hey all,

The new job is progessing nicely, and despite my being the new girl within a cohesive and well-adjusted team of medical and surgical professionals (ie. the person who wanders the hall sure I've forgotten to do something and asking, "Where's the bathroom? Who are you? Where does this door go?") I am starting to feel at home.

It's odd the way I miss my former patients. Spending a full hour with someone alone in a room every week for a few months has a way of turning into a bonding experience. I also miss knowing what I'm doing every second of every day, but I know as well as anyone that learning 700 new things an hour, while exhausting and a little nervy, is about the best thing for my brain. And after 3 1/2 years of doing what I was doing before, it did become possible to phone it in from time to time.

The temptation with the new job is to do neurological experiments on myself to try and feel my synapses stretching and growing in new directions, and one way I can do this is to test my memory all the time. Which is lucky for me, because I'm in a hundred shows right now and two of them want me off book rightfuckingnow.

Here's the scoop:

Unsung Stars, with Moving Dock, performing June 5-6 and 12-13 (I'm only in it the 5th and 6th)
at the Fine Arts Building in the South Loop.

The Pigeons, a staged reading with Stage Left Theater, Wednesday, June 10th, 7pm. I play a real-estate agent in a new play about gentrification. She's pretty hilarious. Ask me sometime what SLiPEWiPr means. Heheh.

And, finalemente, I'll be in a show with the newish Lights Out Theatre, performing July 17-August 9 at Oracle Theatre, located at 3809 N Broadway, between Grace and Sheridan. It's an evening of short plays all to do with connection, lack of connection, human foibles and quite a lot of the ridiculous. We started rehearsals last week and have been having a total blast so far.

That's the scoop for now. I have other news, of course, but it's pretty outside and I feel like a criminal being indoors. I'll be at the park. Come find me if you like, and please bring a dog and a bottle of wine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 3 new shows! Wowa! You have had a great new "refresh" of life!

11:45 AM  

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