Thursday, December 31, 2009

Apparently the posts will now be short, and they will be sporadic

I have just returned home from a New Year's Eve celebration at the home of two friends and their young lil baby girl (she's two months old -- hurrah!) and what do I do as my first act of the new decade? I get a shoe and kill the enormous giant insect crawling around my kitchen floor.

I've heard a legend that whatever you do on NYE portends the arc your next year will take. If this is true, my 2010 will consist of:

1. Spending time with small people who makes great faces but screams a lot

2. Drinking


3. Continuing to solve my own problems ie. the bug.

I have a rom-com-esque fantasy wherein there is a guy somewhere in the world who would find it charming, not idiotic, if I were to call him to come over and slaughter bugs for me. It's along the same lines as being woken up by a suitor who has managed to scale the courtyard fence and find my second story window, only to gently throw tiny pebbles at it. Or the one where all of my friends and loved ones throw me a surprise birthday party. Or the one where people Just Drop By the apartment, as always happens in movies, just to share some aspect of their day. (Has anyone else noticed that movies are full of people Just Dropping By? How does everyone know where everyone lives in movies? Does no one else who lives in a big city have a temperamental buzz-gate system?)

But it was not, is not, and will never be. I will continue killing my own spiders and bugs, people will not Drop By in the middle of the afternoon (the lucky ones are still at work), and the sooner I drop these ideas, and my other fantasies from my head, the better. So it is. That will be my motto for the next year.

So It Is.


Blogger ShannonRose said...

For the record, I do drop by. I know where you live. You are not home when I drop by. However, if I drop by and there's a large bug to be killed, I shall only provide moral support and backup for bug killing.

5:09 PM  
Blogger thesaurasaurus said...

Aw, thanks, Rose!
At the very least I may ask you to swing round sometime with a bottle of wine to help me recover from bug slaughter. (That would be points 2 and 3 of the NYE touchpoints! Multi-tasking!)

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:52 AM  

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