Saturday, April 08, 2006

So flirt class..

..was quite the fun-fun. Shannon and I had some scallops and salad and freebie wine, then hopped up to Edgewater to take a 'Flirting for Nerds' class last Tuesday night. It was held at a wondiferous sex store called Early to Bed. Which is a store that was opened by women a few years back because they were sick of getting skeeved out and sidelong-glanced and second-guessed when all they wanted was a safe, secure, fun place to explore sexuality.

Class was good..about an even split of guys and girls, although the guys were infinitely more outgoing and willing to participate. I don't really relate to names so much so I usually assign most people nicknames as soon as I meet them. For this class, the students included Carrot Top, the softball coach, Giuliani, Babs Marley, and others.

All in all, it was good, and we left class armed with props -- me with my Strand bookstore bag and red shoes, and Shannon with her personality and vibrating goodies newly acquired. We ventured to Andersonville to practice what we learned, and made quite the night of it. Shannon ended the night by bedding her flame, who joined us, and I used a blank business card to attempt my first pickup in a very very long time. I did in fact give my number out without being asked. And the point is not whether he will call. The point is that I gave my phone number out without being asked. Huge HUGE step for me. So all in all the night was a win.

More to come on the perils and promise of watching speed dating happen --


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