Saturday, October 13, 2007

Damn! Damn! Damn!

The CTA has me mad again (I know it didn't take long).

January 6 they're chopping more bus routes (this is all contingent, of course, upon that never-far-from the spotlight "state funding" which the state is using for something downstate and we want for our CTA and no one can pinpoint exactly where it's coming from but Ron Huberman is bent on making us all see is readily available if the governorovich etc etc would just stop being difficult).
Among the bus routes that will be axed:

11 Lincoln/Sedgwick (I LIKE this one!)

49X Western Express (so now my best and closest bus commute will take 3x as long)

50 Damen (I think I'll just remove the "e" and rechristened the street "Damn"

56 Milwaukee (why? whyyyy?)

92 Foster (so the bus I can use to get to work (the ONLY bus I can use after they axe the Damen is going too. Awesome. I don't mind walking and biking some of the time, but that myth about Chicago being really cold sometimes is actually true for a small part of the year I'd like to call 'Winter')

also on the block are the Diversey, Grand, Armitage, Division, and Montrose buses. I am so mad and I really am starting to wonder if I'm going to ever go to Wicker Park again. They're making it damn hard and I'm extremely glad if this bill goes through that my housemates and I didn't move to Ukranian Village when we had the chance last summer. We thought there were buses that went there. We were wrong.

I know it's been said, but there are petitions and letters to sign and send on Sign them and send them and maybe we can get both city hall and Springfield to recognize that this is a really big fucking problem that they need to solve soon and in a real way.

Damn, babies. Damn.


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