Thursday, July 31, 2008

Other Blog Recs!


Recently in conversation I've found myself quoting other people's blogs occasionally. And while I used to think this made me a total nebbish (I used to actually make a gagging sound when I said the word 'blog,' not unlike that noise Ramsey the Cat used to make when he was threatening to vomm on the floor) I'm starting to accept it. So I thought, why not put together a few links to blogs I find inspirational, or the blogs of my friends, or blogs I read with some regularity? Why NOT, I ask you? These aren't blogs I read every day (there ARE no blogs I read every day), but these are some that I sometimes peruse when I'm out for new ideas or killing some time. So here it be.

The Blogs of My Friends and People I Actually Know.
Lollygag Blog. The blog of my pal Keely, who is a hilarious actress, writer, nanny, and all around cool chick. Recent post topics include her journey from Cape Cod to Wisconsin to fulfill her dreams of Classic Rock fandom, with a few stops along the way. Good readin'.
TlalocNYC. Posts from dear friend Tlaloc, who directs plays and runs marathons in NYC. Which of those things is more exhausting? YOU be the judge.
Live The Questions. My hyper-intelligent, hyper-aware, extremely articulate high school friend Marisa writes this one. She is also in NYC. Her blog focuses on questions of religion, politics, morality, and the questions that come up when you teach in the New York City schools. She's a great writer and always finishes with a thought-provoking question for discussion and debate.
Miss Single USA. My very very fun friend Shannon Rose writes this one. Her most recent post addresses a conundrum lots of folks face in their twenties and thirties: the holy trinity of work, friendship, and love: is it true that only two can ever be fulfilled at one time?
Terroristic Optimism. Written by Chicago theatre director and soon-to-be Mom Rebecca Zellar. Rebecca directed me in The Skriker this past spring, and she's smart and funny and cool. Her blog is all of these things as well. Lots of entries about how to make good art, how to watch good -- or not so good -- art, and how to mesh the artistic with the personal. Good stuff.
Damn Lefties. My Commie friend Shane in Colorado and his friend talk politics and rant from a lefty perspective. Often hilarious and thoughtful. (Shane isn't really a communist. That I know of).
Messy Cookin'. My sweet and sexy friend Dani, who is a personal chef, talks food. Yum. And shares recipes. Double Yum.
The Steppenwolf Blog. What goes on behind the scenes at my little local neighborhood playhouse.
Theater for the Future. A theatre networking discussion board-style site that works like a community of like-minded folks tossing ideas around. Stimulating reading even if I don't necessarily make my presence known.

Blogs of People I Respect But Don't Actually Know.
Get Rich Slowly. I really can't say enough about this one. It's just great and extremely readable. Topics involve getting out of debt, not overspending during the holidays, budgeting so you can still have a life, etc. etc. Awesome awesome.
Money Changes Things. In its own words: "Socially responsible investing, savvy consuming, sustainable living, philanthropy, frugal yet generous affluence, children's financial education, and general whimsy."
Wise Bread. Ideas for having a cool life on a small budget.
Rewiring Neuroscience. This is my token nerd blog. It's totally fascinating.
Green Clean Review and Apartment Therapy (for NYC, SF, LA, and Chicago) are both great for anyone who lives anywhere. Which I do now.
On Simplicity. Tips for finding more time (reading fewer blogs, maybe?), decluttering your office, and living a more simple life.
The Art of Nonconformity. This guy seems to always be writing from a different country, and he's got tons of theories, tips, etc. for getting the most out of life without being a millionaire or a jackass.
Lush Blog. Employee blog from one of my favorite Chicago wine shops. Great wine recs, thoughts on how people see wine and deal with it societally, and info about store happenings.
Chocolate and Zucchini. Recipes and lifestyle tips from Clotilde Dusoulier, a totally fun-seeming Parisienne my age who appears to eat -- and cook -- great food and have a pretty fabulous life without ever sounding pretentious. She also writes books & her site is up in French and English.
Catavino. A blogs about Spanish and Portuguese wine, food, and general awesomeness.
Free Shit. The Chicago Reader's weekly post about what's free this week in the city.


Anonymous Sara at On Simplicity said...

Thanks for mentioning the blog--what a cool compliment! And one of the ultimate ironies of my life is how writing about simplicity has made my life way more complex...

7:15 AM  
Blogger thesaurasaurus said...

Thanks much! And I totally understand about life spiraling into the realm of the complex once the internet and introspection get involved.

6:26 PM  
Anonymous Gabriella Opaz said...

Wow, it's not everyday that we get to be referred to as publishing "general awesomeness", but I have to admit it feels kinda good ;-) Thanks so much for enjoying our site, and I hope we get to hear your thoughts on our posts, because if we can up that "awesomeness" on account of your suggestions and thoughts, that would be ideal! Saludos and have a lovely summer.

11:48 PM  
Blogger Shane said...

who you callin' "commie"? :)

thanks for the link... even if "often hilarious and insightful" isn't that ringing of an endorsement.

12:19 PM  
Blogger thesaurasaurus said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

9:32 AM  
Blogger thesaurasaurus said...

Ok, Shane. How about "frequently not insipid?"

How's Colorado? Commie.

Muchas gracias, Gabriella!

2:28 PM  

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